Carbon Fiber Sunglass Coming Soon


Oakley C SIX™ will soon be unveiled, and it has been a long time coming. Until now, the technologies of structural engineering were simply not advanced enough. When you see the most technically innovative sunglass ever created, you will understand why the wait was worth it.

Using carbon fiber was one of the greatest challenges. The material is ultra lightweight and has three times the tensile strength of steel, but no one had ever before utilized it this way.

Specialists in building F1 racecars, the experts at Crosby Composites of London have been producing C SIX frames with meticulous craftsmanship. To make just one, five-axis Computer Numeric Controlled machines spin diamond-tipped milling heads at 10,000 rpm, shaping a 40-layer billet of carbon fiber composite for more than 24 hours.

To deal with the rigid nature of finished components, Oakley engineered spinal structures of Beta Titanium memory metal to achieve precise zones of tuned flexibility. Radial cams augment the stem mechanics, and the lenses are a showcase of the best optical technologies ever invented.

The result is C SIX, a premier design in the new ELITE Collection and a technological masterpiece that elevates eyewear to the pinnacle of engineering. And it is coming soon.

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Rick Zacharias


August 14, 2009