Cameron Brown is an ironman professional triathlete from New Zealand. He began his career in the Icebreaker triathlon in Devonport in 1987. Cameron has created history by being an eight-time winner of the New Zealand Ironman (2001-2005, 2007-2009) held in Taupo, New Zealand. He has also been placed in the world championships in Hawaii four years in a row, only the second athlete in the world to achieve this feat. His best placing at the Ironman Triathlon World Championships in Kona, Hawaii is 2nd in 2001 and 2005.

This is why Cameron is regarded as one of the top Triathletes in the world. Along with Cameron’s many successes, he was named New Zealand Sportsman of the Year in 2001. Away from the demanding career as a world-class Triathlete, Cameron also contributes to Cystic Fibrosis, as Patron of the NZ Association.

Q & A

  1. When did you first start training in life? Where and why?

    When I was 13 years old, I would race my mate to school every morning on our 10 speed bikes, sprinting down the footpath trying to get those bonus seconds!

  2. One sport wasn’t enough? What got your into the multi-sport arena?

    I started at Pakuranga College, they had a fantastic teacher that took us every Friday for Triathlon training, at first we just mucked around but after a while we got more and more serious, we went onto win many team tittles for the school.

  3. When did you turn pro?

    I suppose it was in 1990 when I had my first season overseas which was racing in Japan for Team Epson computers. I’ve been doing the same job now for the last 22 years!

  4. What are the events, wins, memories that stand out most throughout your career so far?

    Winning my first New Zealand Ironman in 2001, I had to run down World Champion Peter Sandvang who had a 13min mead of the bike, I overtook him with 2km left of the run, it was a dream come true.

  5. What is your best discipline and why?

    My running which was not the case when I was racing the ITU World cups. It use to be my worst discipline and I would always lose minutes to the top guys. Now in Ironman it’s my best and it’s great when you come off the bike knowing you have your best to come!

  6. If you had a discipline that needed work, which would it be and why?

    My swimming. That first 400m in a race is the most crucial and my heart rate goes through the roof, must be my age!

  7. Your favorite distance?


  8. Preferred race day outfit …

    2XU Compression

  9. If there is one thing that people in the industry would recognize you by, what would that be?

    The freckle faced kid from Auckland, New Zealand

  10. Who was your inspiration growing up:

    o Within your sport:
    Richard Wells, he was the 1987 World Short Course World Champion.
    o Outside your sport:
    John Walker 1500m Olympic Champion and first man to run 100 sub 4min miles

  11. What has driven you to work super hard and rise up beyond mediocrity?

    My wife Jenny and my two boys Braeden and Joshua.

  12. Are you a rebel? Why or why not?

    No I was always the quiet kid in the class, got on with everyone.

  13. What is your favorite course?

    Whangamata Triathlon In New Zealand: classic 1.5km surf swim, hard hilly 40km bike and a 3 lap run along the beach.

  14. What is the venue that you purely dread and why?

    Hawaii would have to be the hottest, most windy and toughest Ironman in the world

  15. Finish this sentence: “Oakley is ________”

    way ahead of the competition!

  16. If you weren’t killing it in the tri scene, what would you be doing for a living?

    Would love to be riding in the peloton in the Tour de France.

  17. What is a hidden talent you have other than your sport?

    Drinking Coke

  18. What is the best song to practice to?

    "Higher Love" - Steve Winwood

  19. Tell us a funny story about another Oakley athlete...(We’ll never tell)

    I could tell a few stories about Greg Welch (Oakley Multisport Manager) but I may have to look for another sunglass sponsor next year.

  20. People would be super surprised if they knew that you…

    Drink too much coke and eat too many peanut M & M's

  21. Perfect date…

    Sitting on the Kona Harbor on a balmy night with just my wife and no kids!

  22. Celebrity crush:

    Jennifer Aniston

  23. Your Favorite…

    Food: Chocolate
    Vacation Spot: Burleigh, Australia
    Airline: Emirates and Air New Zealand
    Candy: Peanut M and M’s
    Sport (Besides your own): Cycling
    Holiday: Whangamata, New Zealand
    Music Genre: Remixed 80’s music
    Movie: Star wars
    Animal: Our dog Charlie (labradoodle)

  24. One word association:

    Swim: boring
    Bike: speed
    Run: trails
    Fun: surfing
    Victory: Hawaii
    Defeat: pain
    Friend: coke
    Foe: food

Cameron Brown


"To give anything less than your best is to sacrifice the gift."

Date of Birth:
June 20, 1972
Auckland or Dorkland if your from the South Island
Ignite, 2XU, Avanti, Fuelbelt, Vision, Suzuki, Nike, Schwalbe, SMP,
Watching my two sons play sport (soccer, rugby, swimming, BMX, triathlon)

Career Highlights

    • 2001, 2005: 2nd Hawaii Ironman Championships
    • 2006: European Ironman Champion
    • 2009: 3rd IRONMAN 70.3 Amica Rhode Island, USA
    • 2009: 7th IRONMAN 70.3 Buffalo Springs, Texas, USA
    • 2009: 1st Bonita New Zealand Ironman
    • 2009: 2nd Contact Energy New Zealand Triathlon Series
    • 2008: 4th European Ironman Championships
    • 2008: 1st Bonita New Zealand Ironman
    • 2008: 2nd New Zealand Half Ironman Championships
    • 2008: 2nd Contact Energy New Zealand Triathlon Series
    • 10 x New Zealand Ironman Champion
    • 9x New Zealand Half Ironman Champion