Emma is a full time Professional Triathlete, totally dedicated to achieving excellence in this gruelling multiple-sport.

Competing world-wide & year-round in the world’s fastest growing outdoor sport, happily means following the summer sun – so each year from May to September, Emma moves north and resides in the Rocky Mountains town of Boulder, Colorado. From this high altitude fitness training base, she might travel to compete anywhere in North America or Europe, depending on her race schedule and the type of triathlon she plans to contest.

Then, around October, Emma flies south to reside near Australia’s beautiful Gold Coast surf beach where the warm climate and training facilities suits her best. From here she competes in the southern summer triathlon program and might be found racing anywhere in the South Pacific, South America, Africa, Asia or the Middle East – through until April.

At this time in her career Emma mainly competes in the International Triathlon Union (ITU) governed, Olympic distance, World Cup Series events which comprise a consecutive 1.5k swim, 40k drafting bike, and 10k run for which she is a Triple World Champion, Commonwealth Games Gold Medal winner and 2008 Beijing Olympic Games contestant.

Emma also enjoys competing in non-drafting events over Olympic & longer distances under ironman race rules as part of a long term strategic athletic objective. Her aim in pursuing this extremely strenuous career is to achieve high distinction in all race codes and distances and become the very best multi-discipline Triathlete that she can be.

Training for the three ‘swim, bike & run’ disciplines of triathlon typically consumes six hours of Emma’s day, at least six days a week. It can involve swimming in lakes, rivers, oceans or public pools – biking through flat country plains or over mountain roads – running trails or beach-side pathways – plus she does transition training, indoor gym work & Pilate’s

Emma Snowsill


Live every day like it is your last!

Date of Birth:
June 15, 1981
Gold Coast, Australia
Hanging out at the beach with my dog!

Career Highlights

    • Gold, Beijing Summer Games