Resurrection: Track & Field Star Lolo Jones Claims Big U.S. Open and Russian Winter Meet Victories, Hurdles Toward London


Lolo Jones is no stranger to obstacles.

Oakley’s Track & Field star, the heavy favorite in the 100 hurdles at the 2008 Olympics, has endured a tumultuous past year.

Finding strength to recover physically and psychologically from her spine surgery in August proved to be one of her career’s most immense challenges. But in a show of remarkable recovery, Lolo returned to the scene with an aura of dominance, claiming a resounding victory in the 50-meter hurdles with a 6.78 second finish over Tiffany Porter at the U.S. Open late January.

“I was such a mental mess the night before,” Lolo said following the race at Madison Square Garden, rocking her Oakley performance eyewear. “Just thinking, ‘Am I healed from surgery? Am I fit? Am I in shape?’ Just to have this one under my belt and with such a tough field — it’s just a sigh of relief that all that hard work paid off.”

But the real work had just begun.

After a supreme disappointment at the last Summer Games, clipping the ninth hurdle during the contest, her tethered spinal cord was yet another barrier to scale before she’d be able to think about the road to Olympic redemption.

But like every set of hurdles she’s faced, she’s soaring over…big time.

On the heels of her comeback in New York, she followed it all up with a stunning 60-meter hurdles victory in Moscow early February, leading an American sweep of the podium at the Russian Winter Indoor Meet.

Clocking 7.89 seconds, she edged the record mark set by Russian Jeva Sokolova in 1993, by .03 seconds.

After hitting her low point following two to three workouts a day – barely being able to walk during her recovery from surgery – she’s now officially making her charge toward London 2012.

“It was all worth it.”


Andrew De Lara


February 23, 2012