Improbable: Double Amputee Oscar Pistorius Finishes in Semi-Finals at World Track and Field Championships-South Korea


There were doubters. But Oscar Pistorius made history.

In inspiring fashion, Oakley’s double amputee 400 meter Star qualified to represent his native South Africa at the Track and Field World Championships in South Korea. And it didn’t stop there.

The resilient athlete defied odds yet again by smashing in the second-best time of his career, clocking a 45.39 second performance to secure a spot in the semi-finals in 14th.

Eventually falling at the event in lane seven after a less-than-ideal start, Oscar still paved the way for athletes with disabilities, representing his country in able-bodied competition with strong resolve.

“I would really like to have performed better tonight,” Oscar said after the race. “My goal was to make the semi-final when I came out here, and that I did, and it’s just been a great experience. I think even if I had run faster tonight, I wouldn’t have made it to the final. It would have taken a miracle for that to happen and I’ve got a lot of respect for the guys that made the final.”

With a chance to fight his way to the London Olympics and Paralympics, Oscar clearly remains hopeful.
“I would like to. I’ve run one qualification time for the Olympics and I need to run another time next year, I think between January and June, but I’ve first got to qualify for the Paralympics. I’m extremely excited about that and I think I’ll be running the 100, 200, 400 and then for the first time the 4 by 100 in the Paralympics, so I’m extremely excited about that. I think we’ve got a great year coming up and there’s a lot of hard work [ahead] to prepare for both of those [events] next year.”

A huge congratulations to Oscar for the remarkable performance in Daegu!


Andrew De Lara


September 03, 2011