Snowboarding Earns Historic Market Shares On Norwegian TV

Mikkel Bang at TAC 2010_photo Glen Bisset Eriksen

For the first time snowboarding gets the highest market share in the 12 to 19 age group compared to all other winter sports being aired the same day. During the The Oakley Arctic Challenge (TAC) finals on Sunday, snowboarding had the lowest market share of all sports in 40+ age group,
but highest in the 12 to 19.

The TAC airing on NRK had a total of 293 000 viewers. In addition comes the 185 000 viewers from the semi finals on Saturday. Most interesting is that snowboarding has 31% market share in 12 to 19. Cross country skiing relay has 24%, Vasaloppet has 23%, ski jumping has 24% and downhill skiing has 8%.
This is historic for snowboarding in Norway. In the multi media life the kids live in, TV stations consider this age group as very hard to get. This is very good for NRK. Reaching the young audiences is our main
motivation for producing snowboarding, says Rune Haug, head of sports at NRK.

Snowboarding is also doing good in the 20 to 29 age group. Only Vasaloppet is beating snowboarding and TAC here, but only with a marginal 1 percent point. Snowboarding was bigger (in market share) in 12 to 19 than all the other winter sports airing that day.

TAC and NRK have worked together over several years to make snowboarding more exciting on TV and for spectators. The project took a gigantic leap forward this year with the new judging system with integration into the TV graphics. The system is unique – also in an International setting. TAC do not
know any other similar projects in action sports that has been aired on TV. During TAC, the riders were awarded with scores for each obstacle – being displayed with dynamic, video game style live scoring. In addition to this obstacle score, they got a flow score for their overall impression. TAC developed the judging system. NRK developed the graphics.

This has been a great working partnership providing a new dimension for our sport. Snowboarding can be hard to comprehend with all the trick variations, but finally we have a tool that can make our sport more exciting to watch and easier to understand for everyone. NRK has done a fantastic job, says Henning Andersen in TAC.

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March 12, 2010