Oakley Scores Two Podium Spots at TAC 2010


In one of the most heated slopestyle contests of the year, Norway’s two homegrown talents Torstein Horgmo and Mikkel Bang took second and third at the 2010 Oakley Arctic Challenge. The day started off slowly as the milky skies of Oslo began to open up as the crowd poured into the arena.

With only the ten best remaining riders competing in the finals, the stage was set for a showdown of the best slopestyle artists in the world. The flat light made things difficult for some of the riders, but the young Canadian Mark McMorris was the first to throw down a solid run, which included two double corks. But he was soon pushed down the ladder as local boy and Oakley rider Mikkel Bang threw down an insane run to steal the Viking throne.

However that would only be a short lived time on the throne as fellow countryman Torstein Horgmo would put together a classic slopestyle run to take the lead.

The founder and snowboarding legend, Terje Haakonsen had this to say about Horgmo’s run. “With Torstein, everyone knows his slopestyle riding is solid and good. He got some flat light in the final but he pulled it together on his last run. It’s always good to see a local up there.”

With only one rider remaining to dethrone the local boy was Peetu Piiroinen, and he dropped the hammer, putting together the most technical run of the contest and earning not only the TAC crown, but also the TTR World Title.

Many congrats to Peetu, as it was a well deserved and win and a great to cap off an incredible season for the Fin.