TAC 2010 Qualifiers In The Bag

TAC 2010 - Friday Quaifiers

Well the first days of TAC are as they say, “in the bag.” The field has been widdled down to just 20 riders for today’s semifinal action. Some top heavy hitters did not make the cut due to injuries, but for the most part the top slopestyle riders in the world moved on.

Topping the list of riders moving onto the semifinals for Oakley were Mikkel Bang, Torstein Horgmo, Sam Hulbert, Stale Sandbech, Gjermund Braaten and Brandon Reis. The action was heaviest on the second and final obstacles of the course, the second obstacle sponsored by Protest is a sick “P” shaped up rail of sorts that saw Chas Guldemond throwing sick rodeos to stylish backside 180s from Eero Ettala. The final obstacle on course is the Oakley “hip / large table” that has a TAC sword behind it, this feature saw the full gambit of tricks, front flips over the table to big poked out methods off the hip portion.

Look for today’s action to really heat up with the course getting more dialed in each day to fit the riders’ requests and becoming more acclimated with the flow. Semifinals will consist of two heats of 10 with five riders moving on from each heat to make tomorrow’s finals.