Tiller, Badertscher And Krogstie Win Wild Cards Into The Oakley Arctic Challenge


Three wild cards for TTR 6str The Oakley Arctic Challenge were at stake at the SWAG MAX IT slopestyle, and a bunch of the most talented Norwegian riders headed to Vierli to compete for the wild cards.

Sondre Tiller who was a rookie at The Oakley Arctic Challenge 2003, won the TTR 2str SWAG MAX IT slopestyle in Vierli this weekend, and thereby qualified for TTR 6str The Oakley Arctic Challenge, together with Ulrik Badertscher and Joachim Krogstie.

65 young men competed in the park containing of two rail lines and two jumps and a rail in the end. Tiller won with a run containing of a cab 270 to rail, a stylish cab 9 at the first jump, and a bs 7 on the last jump. Badertscher placed second before Joachim Krogstie in third place.

Oakley’s Terje Haakonsen, who gave out the three wild cards in Vierli, said, “Sondre is stylish rider with great potential. He was a rookie at TAC 2003 in Trysil, and I`m looking forward to watch him compete with the big guys at The Oakley Arctic Challenge.”

Terje also commented on the level of riding. “There are a lot of good slopestyle riders in Norway and I was never worried about the level. But it is still pretty early in the season and the slope was icy, but the riders still went for it. And big ups to Vierli who made this possible with a super fun park this early in the season.”

See you in Oslo for The Oakley Arctic Challenge 2010!!

1. Sondre Tiller
2. Ulrik Badertscher
3. Joachim Krogstie
4. Emil Andre Ulsletten
5. Odd Roar Solerød
6. Ståle Sandbech
7. Kim Rune Hansen
8. Per Iver Grimsrud
9. Tor Lundstrøm


Erin Edwards


November 24, 2009