New "Oakley Dispatch" Episode: Crew Scores Empty, Slabbing Barrels in Java


“I would imagine it looks like Bali 30 years ago,” said Sebastian ‘Seabass’ Zietz upon arriving in Java. With so much less development, fewer motorbikes, and empty lineups than neighboring Bali, he might be right.

In the eighth episode of the Oakley Dispatch Surf Webisode Series, Seabass, Danny Fuller, Dustin Barca and Eric Geiselman join up with Bali-transplant Lee Wilson and some other local talent in a four-day trip to Java, in hopes of discovering and capturing some of that Indo magic surf to themselves.

Epic surf is exactly what they find. The setting is ideal: picturesque white-sand beaches meet a lush shoreline, and a range of epic waves are on offer all along the coast. But the waves aren’t exactly user-friendly: roll-in slabs over a super shallow reef, ripe for tearing up boards and foreheads. The boys don’t hold anything back, stroking into left- and right-hand barrels for some truly memorable moments on this trip south of the equator.

Editor’s note: pay attention to the first two musical numbers – both were performed by none other than the ever-happy, grom-for-life traveler, Eric Geiselman.

Footage shot and edited by Lachlan McKinnon


Chasen Marshall


November 08, 2012