Traveling and Ripping: Web Series Follows Jordy Smith's Path to 'Bending Colours'

Quiksilver Pro France 2011

Power and airs. It’s the necessary combination if you intend to be anything in competitive surfing these days. Fortunately for Jordy Smith, the burly South African, he has both in spades. Whether he’s hucking Rodeo Flips in the Mentawais or laying down brutal hacks at his homebreak of Jeffrey’s Bay, Jordy has regularly proven himself one of the most complete surfers in the world.

Beyond circling the globe as a member of the prestigious ASP World Tour, Jordy has also been working toward a signature film with director Kai Neville and Red Bull: “Bending Colours.” The film follows Jordy as he travels from one wave-rich exotic locale to another, showcasing his world-class talent with heavy doses of surf action blended with a certain element of tasteful artistic flair and set against a solid soundtrack.

The film will debut on November 5th in Santa Cruz in conjunction with the World Tour stop and will also premiere online. Leading up to the release, Red Bull has been offering mini teasers from the film in the form of a webisode series. Each offers a glimpse into where “Bending Colours” will likely take us.

Here we have the fourth installment of the web series, with Jordy taking viewers on a tour of his hometown of Cape Town. (You can see all of the webisodes on the “Bending Colours” website.) Afterward, watch the trailer for the soon-to-be released flick.


Chasen Marshall


October 30, 2012