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Favorite Gear

Crowbar MX - Black/Checked Out/Clear (01-709)

I use the Crowbar MX with Snow lenses. Best Goggle out.

Levi LaVallee


Levi started racing snowmobiles at the young age of twelve. He saved money for his first snowmobile by bagging groceries. Levi then entered his first race. Organizers almost didn’t allow him to ride because of his young age and small size. He placed second at his first race and began racing regularly after that. Levi had great success as a snocross racer, but in 2007 he decided to give freestyle a try. After learning several tricks, including the back flip (a snowmobile weighs 400+ lbs.), he entered his first freestyle competition and won. Levi had a breakout Winter X Games in early 2008. He won two gold medals and was awarded “Most Outstanding Athlete of the Winter X Games” Levi decid...

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Recent Snowmobiling News

  • Snowmobilers Rise Above at X Games Aspen 2014


    Posted 7 months ago by Elishia Matta

    The 2014 Winter X Games got off to an emotional start on Thursday, opening with Snowmobile Freestyle. Last year, this event unfolded with dramatic crashes, one of which resulted in the tragic loss of four-time X Games medalist, Caleb Moore.

  • Oakley Snowmobilers Bring Home Five Winter X 17 Medals


    Posted over 1 year ago by Elishia Matta

    The Winter X Games in Aspen is a week stocked full of some of the most talented action sports athletes in the world, stunning athleticism and high intensity tricks that are simply incomprehensible to the average human being. This could not be truer than across the snowmobile disciplines. These riders hit jumps in excess of 30 feet, ride at speeds nearing 60 mph, contort their bodies mid-air and do it all on machines weighing in the neighborhood of 500 pounds.

  • Black Sunday: Freestyle Snowmobile Rippers Cory Davis and Heath Frisby Drop Into Season In Style


    Posted almost 2 years ago by Andrew De Lara

    It’s almost Snow Season in North America. Brace yourself: Oakley’s Freestyle Snowmobilers are itching to charge into action. Rippers Cory Davis and Heath Frisby – both of Winter X Games Fame – are dropping in with a sick edit from Hybrid Color Films. It’s called Black Sunday. And it’s fitting, indeed.

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