Can't Not Cringe: Helgason Bros. Release "Pepping" Teaser


The Helgason Bros. like to get weird. From their antics while flying into big pow or finding rails along Main Street, Anywhereville to their time existing in whatever town around the world, shock and awe and hilarity just comes with the territory around the pair.

Which is why we weren’t remotely surprised that that same ridiculousness would flow over into their new flick, “Pepping.” Well, ridiculousness in the form of constant cringing in response to tricks gone awry. The teaser certainly reminds you that boarding is a risky and painful business.

If Eiki and Halldor are putting the project together, you know it’s something you’ll psych on. The complete flick will be released sometime this Fall.


Chasen Marshall


October 12, 2012