Winter X Games Tignes Recap: Oakley Athletes Perform Big At 2012 Event


Oakley athletes were on full display throughout the three days of Winter X Tignes 2012, collecting four coveted medals. Combine those with the 20 medals secured at the Winter X 16 in January; Oakley athletes were able to claim 24 total Winter X medals in 2012.

“The Oakley team came to France with great momentum from a very successful Winter X 16,” said Matty Swanson Director of Oakley Sports Marketing – Action Sports. “Oakley takes great pride in its global community and we’re proud of the team’s ability to perform on some of action sport’s premier stages around the globe.”

Coming off of what was undoubtedly among the most historic moments in Winter X history, with his perfect 100 score in the Men’s Superpipe in Aspen, Oakley snowboarder Shaun White again found the spotlight in Tignes. Not only did he follow up his Aspen Superpipe gold with another gold medal performance in the Tignes Superpipe event with a near perfect score of 98, he also captured gold in the Men’s Slopestyle competition, an event he last won in 2009. “I was just happy to win the pipe and come out here and try my best,” said Shaun. “I’m just ecstatic. These guys have been pushing the limits of what’s possible in the Slopestyle course and they put the gauntlet in front of me. I think I’ve finally caught up and I’m happy to be back.”

Fellow Oakley rider Mark McMorris put on a very respectable performance, finishing just behind White in the Men’s Slopestyle contest, scoring a 90 to take the silver medal. Mark was the defending Men’s Slopestyle and Big Air champion returning to the Winter X stage following his gold medal runs in January. "Euro X was an awesome event! We were lucky to have such a good course, good weather and an insane level of riding, Mark said. “I was able to land my first of three runs with one of my more safe runs, which ended up holding up through out the whole event and ended up second. I’m really happy on how it turned out and excited to be back next year. "

Also notable in the Slopestyle competition were Oakley boarders Stale Sandbech and Sebastian Toutant who took fourth and sixth place respectively. Teammate Matt Ladley just missed joining White on the Superpipe podium, coming in fourth in the event. Rounding out the men’s competition, Joss Christensen placed seventh in the Men’s Ski Slopestyle Final.

The women’s side of the Winter X Games Tignes action was highlighted by Oakley’s Kaya Turski who completed her second three-peat of the Women’s Ski Slopestyle event. Turski has now won the previous three Women’s Slopestyle contests at both Winter X Games in Aspen and Tignes. In January, Turski became the first ever athlete to three-peat in Winter X Games Slopestyle and she has now repeated that feat in France. “It definitely means a lot to me to win two X Games medals this year,” Kaya said. “I hope to keep it up.”

Other Oakley women in action included Queralt Castellet, Ellery Hollingsworth and Urshina Haller who took fifth, seventh and tenth respectively in the Women’s Snowboard Superpipe Finals. Women’s skier Virginie Faivre nearly grabbed the bronze medal in the Women’s Ski Slopestyle Final, ultimately placing fourth.

2012 provided Winter X fans with some extraordinary performances that will go down in the record books. Following a historic Winter X 16, Tignes did not fail to inspire. The weather provided ideal conditions all week long in the French Alps where over 150 world-class athletes put on their best performances. It was definitely a remarkable year for Oakley in Winter X Games 16 and Tignes 2012.

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