Snowboarding Articles by Date

December 2011

  • In Your Face! Snowboard Star Torstein Horgmo Takes on Ski Star Jossi Wells, H.O.R.S.E. Style


    Posted over 2 years ago by Andrew De Lara

    You know Torstein Horgmo’s infamous game – In Your Face – don’t you? You know, like H.O.R.S.E. – except in snow…on boards. Well he’s at it again – but this time, instead of taking on a fellow snowboarder, he’s challenging fellow Oakley athlete and Ski Star Jossi Wells. One word: Epic. You don’t wanna’ miss this…

  • Shaun White Live: The London Covent Garden O Store


    Posted over 2 years ago by Elishia Matta

    The 2012 winter season is well under way! The premieres are showing, the parks are open and the events have started. Ever keen to kick-start the season with a big bang, Oakley jumped the pond with none other than Shaun White to take their unique brand of entertainment and education to the European market. 

  • Oakley Women Shine at Copper Grand Prix


    Posted over 2 years ago by Elishia Matta

    The winter’s first snowboard halfpipe contest, Grand Prix at Copper, saw Oakley teammates Maddy Shaffrick and Queralt Castellet, standing side-by-side on the podium in second and third place, respectively.

  • Season’s Miracle: Recovering Snowboard Star Kevin Pearce Hits Slopes For First Time Since Accident


    Posted over 2 years ago by Andrew De Lara

    The snowboard world was hit with a Holiday’s miracle today. It’s been almost two years since Oakley Star Snowboarder Kevin Pearce strapped into a board. Displaying truly amazing resilience and hope after sustaining traumatic brain injury from a heavy accident while training for the Winter Olympic Games in Utah, the inspirational Oakley Team rider did what many said would never happen again. He dropped in.

  • Last Season Shredding: Snowboard Star Eero Ettala’s Full Nitro Video Part


    Posted over 2 years ago by Andrew De Lara

    It may have been last season. But Oakley Snowboard Ripper Eero Ettala’s full video part from Nitro is set to get you pumped year round. From injury recovery to full on street ripping (in his Oakley Pro Rider Series Gear, of course), it’s simply sick. Check it:

  • Aerial Insanity in China: TTR Video Recaps Oakley & Shaun White Air + Style Beijing


    Posted over 2 years ago by Andrew De Lara

    Oakley & Shaun White Air + Style Beijing 2011 was obviously epic. (In one of the most awe-inspiring structures on Earth.) But don’t take our word for it. You can peep the webcast replay below – and TTR recapped the 6-Star snowboard/music spectacle…. Peep these sick videos straight from the Far East!

  • All Norway: O’s Torstein Horgmo Claims Second, Stale Sandbech Third at Oakley & Shaun White Air + Style Beijing


    Posted over 2 years ago by Andrew De Lara

    The heart of Beijing shook, rattled and rolled on Saturday night. Electricity shot through the freezing air in China’s Capital as Oakley & Shaun White Air + Style Beijing dazzled the Far East crowd with a tantalizing snowboarding and music spectacle. And the riding was, well, as epic as expected in the breathtaking Olympic “Bird’s Nest” Stadium – dominated, for the most part, by Norwegians. Throwing down mental maneuvers rarely seen before the contest, it was Ulrik Badertscher who upended the field for the Air + Style Beijing Title, took home $10,000 for claiming the “Red Bull Best Trick” and tallied a whopping 1,000 TTR Points. But up to the last moments of the competition, it was no done deal by any means.

  • 2011 Oakley Shaun White Air + Style Beijing Mega Gallery


    Posted over 2 years ago by Elishia Matta

    A competition centered around showcasing progressive snowboarding distinguished by world-class sportsmanship, signature style and talent that challenges the limits of possibility, the Oakley Shaun White Air + Style 2011 delivered on all accounts! View some of the more spectacular moments caught on film in the accompanying gallery.

  • Lights, Camera, Action: Shaun White with CCTV in the Bird’s Nest


    Posted over 2 years ago by Elishia Matta

    If you removed the cameras, the lights, the two dozen or so production associates and all the hovering PR representatives you might have thought Eyee Hsu and Shaun White were just old friends catching up after a long absence. The reality however, is a little more formal…Eyee Hsu is the host of the weekly Chinese Central Television (CCTV) show “Crossover.” She and the CCTV crew came out to Beijing’s Olympic Stadium to film their first ever segment outside of the CCTV studio.

  • World-Class: Oakley & Shaun White Air + Style Spectacle Drops Into Breathtaking Beijing Olympic Venue


    Posted over 2 years ago by Andrew De Lara

    Sports fans across the Globe will not soon forget the 2008 Beijing Olympics. With breathtaking artistry, characteristic pageantry and a powerful display of Chinese culture, the Summer Games in China’s Capital City opened in the truly magnificent Beijing National Stadium – affectionately known as the “Bird’s Nest” from its awe-inspiring steel architecture shaping and enormity (one of the largest standing steel structures on Earth). The venue and structures, constructed specially for the Olympics, captivated the planet in its groundbreaking nature. So it’s no surprise that the iconic building would eventually be chosen as the site of another groundbreaking sports event: Oakley & Shaun White Air + Style Beijing 2011.

  • Stage is Set: Star Snowboarders Draw Names For Head-to-Head Battles at Oakley & Shaun White Air + Style Beijing


    Posted over 2 years ago by Andrew De Lara

    The anticipation is almost over. After days of buildup in Beijing, Star Snowboarders vetted to collide in the Chinese Capital, came together in the majestic Olympic “Bird’s Nest” Stadium on Friday for the event’s official press conference, the rider’s draw and their final practice. Snowfall blanketed the city all day long – setting the tone and picturesque winter scenery the day before the snowboard and music spectacle rocks the Far East for its second year. With electricity in the air and the buzz beginning to grow throughout the town, the media, Shaun White, the riders and Oakley Staff gathered in the Bird’s Nest Press Center to officially kick off the weekend and the TTR 6-Star contest.

  • Towering: O’s High-Powered Snowboard Team Gathers at “Bird’s Nest” Tower Before Oakley & Shaun White Air + Style Beijing


    Posted over 2 years ago by Andrew De Lara

    Only the Planet’s top riders make it onto Oakley’s high-flying snowboard team. So it was only appropriate to hold the team’s official ‘Oakley & Shaun White Air & Style Beijing’ rider’s dinner on the top level of the stunningly designed Ling Long Tower by Beijing’s Olympic “Bird’s Nest” – overlooking the largest standing steel structure on Earth. Serving as a ‘media center’ at the 2008 Summer Olympics, the uniquely designed building transformed into an Oakley ‘family room’ of sorts on Thursday evening. From Shaun White himself, Oakley Global Staff, the Top 12 Chinese Riders from the Oakley Rookie Challenge (that took place a day before at Qiaobo Indoor Ice and Snow World) to the top O riders – set to push the envelope of freestyle snowboarding during Saturday’s event – attendees enjoyed dinner, beverages and a spirited celebration of the grand contest week.