Majestic Views Galore in Final Episode of Andreas Fransson's Lyngen Alps Web Series

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After two exciting and dramatic episodes of Andreas Fransson and Morgan Salén battling the various faces of the Lyngen Alps, the third and final episode of the web series serves as a victory lap to the 20-day excursion.

In the early episodes the boys battled difficult conditions and were doing more work than play (though the two seem to go hand-in-hand for these two), but in this episode, all the hard work pays off as they endure beautiful blue skies, long, steep rides down fresh powder runs and majestic views of the Norwegian Sea below.

The episode – and the entire series – is beautifully shot by Bjarne Salén. The music is powerful and it makes you want to get up and get winter started by climbing or skiing or doing anything that will provide that compelling physical, visceral experience that comes through the episode.

Lyngen Descents Episode 3 from Bjarne Salén on Vimeo.


Chasen Marshall


October 22, 2012