Aspen, CO Rallying Behind Hometown Alpine Ski Racer, Wiley Maple


Unfamiliar with Wiley Maple? Now’s a good time to start getting to know the young alpine ski racer, because he plans on being around for a long, long time. Maple is still only 22 years old, but already he’s caught the eye of some of the top skiers in the sport.

“As a competitive ski racer, I want to take my career as far as it can go, “ Maple told us. “Hopefully to the Olympics with some World Cup victories along the way. I hope to break on to the WC circuit and become a dominating force in the sport within the next five years.

Maple broke onto the World Cup scene in 2011. He scored his first ever World Cup points in his first World Cup SG start. He’s noted that it takes some time to truly break into the World Cup scene and to have some kind of success, so that is what he is focused on. To continue that journey however, can be rough for an up-and-coming ski racer. A typical day begins before the sun is up, prepping to race or train. After spending an entire day on the mountain, racers generally add some sort of “dry land” workout as well, to help recover or strengthen. Life is lived hopping from one spot to another, never really settling down in a “home.” Moral of the story: life can be strenuous for a youngster in the alpine ski world.

The first step Maple took towards his goals of success on the World Cup circuit was to impress the US Ski Team. He did just that in 2011 when he was invited to compete in his first ever World Cup race in the longest, most classical race on the map – the Lauberhorn at Wengen in Switzerland. While Maple took 42nd place, it was a great confidence booster and proved he could handle even the fastest sections on the tour. Now that Maple is on the US Ski Team, there comes the financial side of the sport.

For a young skier, waiting to break through in the sport with prize money, sponsorships and more, this can be difficult. Coming up with $22,000 a year to compete can be tough when you’re spending 24 hours a day on the hill, unable to hold down a job in the mean time.

Lucky for Maple, he comes from a pretty prideful town. Aspen, Colorado is known for its endurance and winter sport athletes. It’s a mecca for training with its high altitude, long roads, great snow and community type atmosphere. Maple is the first Aspenite in many years to participate on the World Cup Downhill circuit. The people of Aspen have rallied around him since his junior years when he was wracking up Junior National Championships to his introduction into the elite-level competition in World Cup racing and they continue to show their support to this day.

This Friday, November 9th, Mike Marolt and Montezuma Basin Productions will present the Aspen theatrical premier screening of Gigantic Pictures film, Deep Winter at the Wheeler Opera House in Aspen, CO. The film will be shown as a benefit to help cover Maple’s $22,000 US Ski Team travel and training costs for the 2013 ski racing season. The event will include a silent auction and reception with beer and wine available for a $3.00 donation beginning at 6:30PM. Silent auction items will feature original art by Wiley, authentic US Ski team apparel, Oakley and Strafe products as well many other products and gift certificates generously donated by local businesses. At 7:30 PM the show will begin.

“I hoping the fundraiser goes well,” Maple told us. “Obviously the main goal of the event is to raise the funds necessary to compete on the US Ski Team this year -upwards of $22, 000. But I’m personally just looking forward to seeing all the people who show up and hope they have a good time.”

When asked what it meant to him that his hometown of Aspen would rally around him in this way, Maple added:

“I am surely one of the luckiest athletes on the team to come from such a great town like Aspen. Without the communities support, I would not be able to chase these dreams like I am and may have given up on the sport if people weren’t supporting me so enthusiastically. It is so cool to come home and run into people following and supporting my career and it is without a doubt one of the reasons I do it. It gives me such pride to represent the good people of the Aspen community on the World Cup Tour and I hope to do it for years to come”

Please join Wiley on November 9th at the Wheeler Opera House for a pre-screening party, a film and to provide support. Tickets can be purchased: HERE

Can’t make it to the event? Contributions will be graciously accepted and can be mail to: Wiley Maple, 1250 Mountain View Drive, Aspen, CO 81611 or via Pay Pal: HERE


John Ohail


November 08, 2012

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