Mio Suemasa started Bike Trial racing in 1992 and became National Japan Champion in her second season. She then became Bike Trial World Champion in 1996 and 1997. After a successful career in Bike Trial, Suemasa started Mountain bike Downhill racing in 1998.

In 2000, she won three major titles in Asia and in 2001 became Downhill Junior World Champion in her last season of eligibility in the Junior championships. Suemasa was the first Asian rider to win a MTB World Championship. She then changed from racing on the domestic circuit to World Cup circuit in 2002. In her third season (2004) of racing World Cup, she got 2nd place in the World Championships.

In 2007 Suemasa raced Downhill and Four Cross races in the World Cup. She got 4th place in the World Cup in Downhill and 2nd place in Four Cross.

In 2008 she placed 4th in the World Cup Downhill twice and was 5th in the World Championships.
Suemasa podiumed 3 times in the Four Cross and got 3rd in the over all Four Cross World Cup. In 2009 she placed 3rd in the World Cup Downhill first time of my World Cup races. To add to this, she also won the Asian Championships for the ninth time and won the Japanese National Championships for ten times.

Suemasa’s aim for the 2010 season is to be number one in the Downhill World Cup races and in the World Championships. She also intends to win the Asian Championships for the ninth consecutive time.
Her ultimate goal for her MTB life is to be the World Champion!

Q & A

  1. If I had a younger brother, one piece of life advice I would give him is:


  2. What's your favorite number and why:?

    1 is always good..

  3. Who makes you laugh?

    My sister

  4. Favorite Oakley products and how they help you?

    O frame and Clover. These always save my eyes from mud, rocks and trees. But most favorite product is the Oakley sandals. they are so comfortable and I really like them!

  5. What's it mean to you to be riding for Oakley?

    I'm proud. Cool designs, awesome well made products... Who wouldn't be!e.

  6. Can you call out a single career highlight and why?

    2001 DH Junior World Champion I got Rainbow Jersey and it was first MTB Rainbow Jersey in Asia.

  7. Confidence is:

    Making a decision and just going for it.

  8. Favorite discipline?

    I am not into discipline! I don't like pain.

  9. Biggest obstacle you have had to overcome?

    Waking up in the morning without coffee!

  10. Where are you going to ride and train this year?

    I'm going to ride all over the world for racing world cup. Also I might go to Therebo, Australia for Downhill training in the off season.

  11. Techno or Metal:


  12. Up or Down?

    I like down the hill.

  13. Favorite Breakfast?

    Great coffee, good bread and eggs cooked by my mom.

  14. Strengths:

    Technical riding skills

Mio Suemasa

Date of Birth:
April 1, 1983
Kobe, Japan

Career Highlights

    • 10 times Japanese National Champion
    • 9 times Asian Champion
    • 2 times Bike Trial World Champion
    • 2nd World Championships 2004
    • 3rd Overall 4X World Cup 2003
    • 1st Jr. World Championships 2001
    • 4th World Cup (downhill)- 2007, 2008
    • 2nd Four Cross World Cup- 2007
    • 3rd Overall Four Cross World Cup- 2008
    • 3rd World Cup (downhill)- 2009