At the age of 5, Steve Smith became the lucky recipient of his first BMX bike. Although it wasn’t a shiny new bike wrapped with a big bow, the story of how this used bike ended up in his hands is worth explaining a little deeper. Born and raised in Cassidy, BC, Stevie was raised by a single mother and her loving parents. One day his grandmother put together an ingenious plan to trade the owner of Nanaimo BC’s Realm Bikes, one dozen apple pies in exchange for a used BMX bike. Talk to Stevie and you’ll learn that he has one of the most devoted Moms ever. It wasn’t long before she spent the majority of her time driving her son up-and-down the mountains after school and from dusk till dawn on the weekends.

Who would have thought that a dozen apple pies would lay the foundation for Stevie to later become widely heralded as one of the best Downhill Mountain-Bike racers in the world. Whether he’s out ripping it up with the best talent in the world overseas or terrorizing the local Nanaimo-area trails, one thing is for sure; his mom and sister will be waiting at the bottom of the mountain.

Despite all the world travel and international recognition that Stevie has amassed over the years via his biking career, he remains humble and loyal to his friends and his family. “My mom has always been there for me,” says Stevie. “She has the same dedication to my riding career as I do, and is my greatest inspiration in life. I’m really lucky to have someone who works just as hard as me to make me the best I can be.”

As the world of downhill mountain biking continues to evolve, one thing is for sure; Stevie Smith will always be a simple island guy that appreciates every opportunity he gets.

Steve Smith

steve smith
Date of Birth:
November 25, 1989
Nanaimo, British Columbia
Oakley, Red Bull

Career Highlights

    • 2010 - 2nd Place - Mountain Bike World Championships, Quebec
    • 2011 - 1st Place - Canadian Open Downhill, Kokanee Crankworx, Whistler BC

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