Exclusive Oakley ITW with FMX superstar Dany Torres at the freestyle.ch


Dany Torres – three times winner of the infamous Red Bull Madrid X-Fighters, and so far also three times winner and reigning champion here at the freestyle.ch in Zurich.

With so many kudos to his name and the FMX signature riding-without-shirt style in mind, one would expect a testy, muscle-packed terminator kinda guy. Instead, we meet an almost shy, super friendly, soft-spoken, slight guy with big brown eyes.

When we talk to Dany, he has been waiting around the entire day of Saturday, because the weather gods tease with some sunrays only to follow up with a light drizzle, which makes the dirt ramps too slippery to ride and land safely. This time, in a world’s first, the FMX jump goes across the ski and snowboard ramp, promising an incredible rapid-fire session with all the athletes riding at the same time. While waiting for hours and hours in the wet cold – in shorts and a sweater – Dany seems a bit chilly yet perfectly relaxed and just eager to get on his machine for the show, which might start any second…

We asked him some quick questions, trying to disturb him as little as possible.

O: Since when do you ride FMX and how did you get there?
DANY: I started to ride FMX 10 years ago when I was 15 years old. Before Freestyle I rode Motocross and Super cross Track.

O: What’s the hardest trick you do?
DANY: Maybe a back flip double grab?

O: And your favourite trick? Because for many riders that’s not necessarily the same…
DANY: My favourite trick is the 2 down XX, but also the back flip double grab.

O: Will you show those here?
DANY: I don’t know yet. I want to do my best, and I hope to do two new tricks that I haven’t done yet. But they are still a surprise.

O: When I see you competing let’s say at the X Games, I’m always shocked about how hard you land. It looks as if you’re crunched together, like a marionette – isn’t that super hard on your body?
DANY: Yea, sometime you feel your pain, because the landings are really hard – that’s because our jumps are so high. But we have really good suspensions in our bikes, that’s good.

O: What other training do you do to prepare your body, to strengthen your core?
DANY: Not too much. Just a little gym and I bicycle, but that’s about it.

O: How do you learn new tricks? With such a huge machine?
DANY: For training new tricks we sometimes use foam pits, and then we go onto the dirt ramps. But we also take longer to learn new tricks, about 2 months.

O: Tell me a bit more about yourself!
DANY: I live in the South of Spain, I like to BMX, and I play tennis. And I like talking to people!

O: What’s important to you about your friends and family?
DANY: Well, that they are good people. That they are always there to speak to me, that we have fun, that they make jokes…

O: Tell me about a moment that scared you.
DANY: I think each time when I have a crash. (Contemplates.) Eight years ago I had a big crash, in that moment I felt really scared, and I also got injured… I think altogether I have already broken 17 or 18 bones… Legs, arms, ribs, nose…

O: Ouch. Let’s return to something happier then. What do you visualize when you stand on the top of the ramp? Do you imagine the jump, do you try to think about something nice, or do you listen to music? How do you get ready in the last moments?
DANY: I concentrate. Before my run I like to be close to the bike, and then I imagine the trick I want to do, I just see the trick.

O: And tell me about your happiest moment?
DANY: In FMX when I won the first time in Madrid X-Fighters, and the first time I won in Mexico. And in my life: When my daughter and my son were born. That was a really, really good moment.

O: Tell me more about your kids and your family…
DANY: My son is 3 years old and my daughter was born only two weeks ago!

O: Wow, congratulations! I bet you miss them now!
DANY: Yes, sometimes my whole family comes with me to events, but this is too early this time…

O: Who are your heroes?
DANY: In FMX I think Travis Pastrana. He can do all the new tricks, and he’s a really, really good rider.

O: Our favourite music?
DANY: I like typical Seville flamenco, and also hip-hop and rap.

O: I guess your favourite food is something Spanish then, too?
DANY: No, it’s Italian pasta. But also gazpacho.

O: In which movie would you like to be the star, and why?
DANY: In The Mask, with Jim Carrey. He’s fun.

O: Any final comments?
DANY: Yes, just a big Thank you to Oakley! I am very happy with them. I love their glasses, sunglasses and everything, especially my Mayhem Victory Stripes and the Torres.

Feeling that Dany is mentally already half way in the competition, we better leave him to it…

And for the record – YES, he did it again! Dany Torres is now four-time champion of the freestyle.ch!

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Marion Schmitz


October 15, 2012