Ricky Barnes was born to be an athlete, with a father who played in the NFL, the competitive fire and ability were breed into him at an early age growing up in Stockton, CA. Golf became Ricky’s primary sport when he attended the University of Arizona from 2000 to 2003, where we won several awards including Pac-10 Player of the Year and first-team All-American honors. In 2002 he won the much famed U.S. Amateur Championships over Hunter Mahan 2 & 1 in the final, earning them shared honors of the 2003 Ben Hogan Award. In 2009 Barnes had a break out performance at the US Open with a record setting 36-hole start of 8-under through the first two rounds. Ricky would end up tied for second place, but definitely put a solid stamp on the PGA Tour for Oakley and himself.

"I am a very busy guy who likes to have a lot of fun whether I am in Vegas with the boys or at the O party during the Phoenix Open! I think I am so busy cause the ADHD kicks in, and I hate sitting around waiting for something. I believe I need to make it happen in order to succeed. The best time for me though is having an off week from the Tour and either playing golf with family or friends cause my time with the both of them is very limited. If not that, then going to any sporting event and watching other athletes compete. Love live sports, concerts and the rush of winning a golf tournament!"

- Ricky Barnes

Q & A

  1. What Are Risks

    Going for a par 5 in 2 over water with a one shot lead, or picking the right college to attend for the best four years of your life.

  2. Oakley

    Is different because they don't care about the reaction one of there products will receive, as long as there is a reaction. That is why I love sporting all of the gear! Good people with great product can make one he hell of a party!

  3. Fans

    I love the fans, they help bring the rush and make playing golf for a living that much cooler!!

  4. Travel Can Be

    The best and worst of times sitting in the middle in a coach seat is horrible, or sometimes riding in your own private jet with 14 seats and your the only one in it, I know crazy!! But it is something that is a very big part of every year.

  5. Once I

    Lost about 75 pounds in 6 months when I was 15

  6. Alcohol Is

    None or Fun! That is my motto. Love a cold beer on the beach, keep the umbrella and let's get a good game of ACE going!

  7. I Prefer

    Spyglass over Pebble, Blondes over others, Coors light over Bud Light, Callaway over Taylor Made, and summers over winters!

  8. Cigarettes Are

    The thing that I hate most! Can make a perfect 10 become a 2 in one puff. In other words not around me with one!!!

  9. Parents

    Are the most supportive two people that a son could ever ask for in anything that I decide to do. That is all I can ask for and I only wish they lived closer.

Ricky Barnes

Ricky Barnes on Sunday
Date of Birth:
February 6, 1981
Stockton, CA
Concerts, Ping Pong, Pool and watching ESPN

Career Highlights

    • 2012 - AT&T Pebble Beach National Pro-Am - 3rd
    • 2011 - Honda Classic - 4th
    • 2011 - The Heritage - T4
    • 2010 - Masters - T10
    • 2009 -Runner-up at US Open: Bethpage Black
    • Four-time All American at University of Arizona