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Enduro - Matte Grey Smoke/Grey (OO9223-09)

Chase Hawk


Style: Chase Hawk has it in spades. Ask almost anyone in BMX what attribute sets Chase apart and it’s that one key ingredient. And it applies to whatever discipline of BMX you might think of. Be it in Park or Street or Dirt, he alreadys brings his own unique flair. Born and raised in Austin, Texas – a burgeoning hotbed for BMX riders – Chase has used the diverse landscape as his training grounds and in turn has evolved into one of the most well-rounded and well-respected riders in ...

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  • Dennis Enarson Defends His Dew Tour Streetstyle Title in Portland


    Posted 25 days ago by Chasen Marshall

    On the streets of Portland, Ore., it was only Dennis Enarson who appeared at ease. Facing a challenging Dew Tour Streetstyle course, Enarson nailed a perfect run straight out of the gate, and after that it was smooth sailing for him while the rest of the field played catch-up. “I am so hyped! [Streetstyle] are always my favorite courses of the year, so I always have the most fun riding them,” Enarson said. “This feels way more at home to me as a street contest, because a lot of the other street courses, like the X Games, are real jibby, which is still fun for me… but this is more like me and the kind of stuff I ride. You go a lot faster and ride a lot bigger stuff.”

  • Cool Under Pressure: Local Boy Chase Hawk and Oakley's Finest Shine at X Games Austin


    Posted 3 months ago by Chasen Marshall

    His moment finally arrived. After dealing with injuries and spotty judging over the past couple years, Chase Hawk finally got his due. And it couldn’t have happened at a better time and place: at X Games in its inaugural year in a new town, Chase’s hometown of Austin, Texas.

  • Eyes on Austin: A Unique BMX Riding Tour With Chase Hawk


    Posted 4 months ago by Chasen Marshall

    The eyes of the BMX and greater action sports community are about to turn toward Austin, Texas. After nearly a decade of calling Los Angeles its home, Summer X Games opted for a makeover. In a town best known for SXSW and Longhorn football, action sports will aim to make itself known.

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