Lights, Camera, Action: Shaun White with CCTV in the Bird’s Nest


If you removed the cameras, the lights, the two dozen or so production associates and all the hovering PR representatives you might have thought Eyee Hsu and Shaun White were just old friends catching up after a long absence. The reality however, is a little more formal…Eyee Hsu is the host of the weekly Chinese Central Television (CCTV) show “Crossover.” She and the CCTV crew came out to Beijing’s Olympic Stadium to film their first ever segment outside of the CCTV studio.

While the crew buzzed around them finalizing the impromptu set – which showcased the massive Air + Style jump behind them, the pair chatted easily, swapping stories about living in California and joking about Shaun having brought the snow with him (the day broke with a dusting of snow that is not typical for Beijing). Even when the cameras began to roll Shaun maintained that same cool, calm demeanor proving that he is as much of a pro in font of the camera as he is on a board.

During the interview they talked about everything from his introduction to the sport – compliments of his brother Jesse – to his many accomplishments on and off of a board and of course the Oakley and Shaun White Air + Style competition taking place tomorrow.

Through it all Shaun is humble and engaging even when Eyee says “no one can compare,” to which Shaun explained that the beauty of the sport is that is it ever changing. He acknowledges the class of his peers and credits them with motivating him to continue to push the boundaries of possibility.

With the thousands of empty seats surrounding them and the burgeoning stage of the Oakley and Shaun White Air + Style behind them you can almost hear a crowd roaring in anticipation of the spectacle that tomorrow promises to deliver. Then you remember that you are in THE Bird’s Nest – a place where some of the world’s most talented athletes once competed for their country and the roar grows louder.

The legacy of those Olympic athletes remain and tomorrow, 24 of the world’s top snowboarding talent will leave their mark on this hallowed athletic ground.

You too can catch the action LIVE December 3 at 7:30 p.m. DST on


Elishia Matta


December 02, 2011