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Fairhaven Jacket — Cinnamon

Jake Blauvelt

Action Sports

Jake Blauvelt has long been devoted to progressing what is possible on his snowboard. From his early days on hill as a Vermont contest local, Jake has consistently pushed himself to find a path that is true to his identity, his unique personality and his dreams. That path has taken him from icy park jumps to powder turns; from podiums to heli drops – and he has continued to improve and evolve with every step. Jake pushes the limits of snowboarding and travels the world in search of new challenges, perfect snow and the pursuit of happiness. The past cou...

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Recent Action Sports News

  • Gabriel Medina Wins at Teahupoo in “Greatest Contest Conditions Ever”

    Gabriel Medina

    Posted 6 days ago by Chasen Marshall

    Good luck pointing out a weakness in Gabriel Medina’s repertoire. He’s always been known as one of the premier aerial talents. He won at Snapper Rocks, unveiling a powerful backhand attack. He showed he could grovel, in fun-size Cloudbreak in Fiji. And this week he proved that he’s fearless, dropping over the ledge on some of the biggest, most vicious looking waves Teahupoo has ever had to offer in a contest setting. At event’s end, Medina was unscathed – both by the reef or his fellow competitor – and the 2014 Billabong Pro Tahiti champion.

  • Ryan Sheckler Three-peats in Dew Tour Streetstyle in Portland; Caples Third


    Posted 7 days ago by Chasen Marshall

    He’s dealt with injury and frustration in many other major events, but Ryan Sheckler has Dew Tour Streetstyle on lock. Sheckler arrived to Portland, Ore. the two-time defending champ and with a stunning final run, he extended that streak to three. “I really like this contest and the whole idea of it,” Sheckler said. “When you are a little kid all you want to do is bomb hills, so to have a downhill contest with a bunch of gnarly ramps on it it just spoke to me — I love skating this event!”

  • Dennis Enarson Defends His Dew Tour Streetstyle Title in Portland


    Posted 8 days ago by Chasen Marshall

    On the streets of Portland, Ore., it was only Dennis Enarson who appeared at ease. Facing a challenging Dew Tour Streetstyle course, Enarson nailed a perfect run straight out of the gate, and after that it was smooth sailing for him while the rest of the field played catch-up. “I am so hyped! [Streetstyle] are always my favorite courses of the year, so I always have the most fun riding them,” Enarson said. “This feels way more at home to me as a street contest, because a lot of the other street courses, like the X Games, are real jibby, which is still fun for me… but this is more like me and the kind of stuff I ride. You go a lot faster and ride a lot bigger stuff.”

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