Oakley Airwave™ Goggle Fuses Performance Optics with Revolutionary Technology


When it goes on sale Oct. 31, the Oakley Airwave™ goggle will revolutionize the way you experience and enjoy skiing and snowboarding. Combining Oakley’s legendary optics, protection and design with integrated GPS, Bluetooth® and heads up display technology, Airwave will give you instant access to an avalanche of information, including maps, temperature, jump analytics, speed, playlists and even the location of your mountain-bound friends.

And the best part? You never have to take your eyes off your run. The information will appear unobtrusively, as though you’re looking at a 14-inch monitor from a distance of five feet. “Tucked away in the bottom right of the goggles, it seemed like something that would be easy to ignore or quickly glance at without losing concentration,” wrote Mashable’s Sam Laird.

When your teachers and scientists used to describe what would be possible in the future, Airwave is what they were talking about. Built on the bedrock of Oakley performance optics and goggle technology, Airwave is complete with Switchlock™ Technology that enables you to swap lenses to match your environment without disrupting Airwave’s integrated technologies.

Patrick Mallory of Freshness Magazine wrote, “You may not be cruising at 20,000 feet with rockets attached to your wings, but Oakley’s Airwave Goggles are the first step to giving you the futuristic heads-up display enjoyed by fighter pilot’s and Halo’s Master Chief.”

The future starts Oct. 31.


Danny Evans


October 29, 2012