Trip to Bali


Here’s a short report about my incredible trip to Bali that I won with Oakley:

On August 21st all of the sudden got an email from Oakley: “YOU are the winner of our Facebook contest “follow Bruce Irons”. You are invited to go to the Oakley World Pro Junior in Bali, Indonesia on the 6th of October! My first thought is: Too good to be true, it can’t be! A day later I receive the flight ticket – I check it, it’s real! I can’t believe it!

6th of October: Today I’ll fly to Bali. After 22 hours we safely land in Bali, I am travelling for the first time outside of Europe! A driver named Coco takes me to the surf camp. The streets are narrow, traffic jams everywhere, and it’s quite hot. One and a half hours later we arrive. Philipp, the manager of the surf camp, welcomes me with: “You are in Bali! Take it easy! Enjoy life!”
I’m getting up at 7h to go surfing, but before leaving I briefly have time to look around in the compound: Two beautiful villas in the middle of a rice field, two pools and a restaurant in the centre. The first surf session is fun, but it’s not that easy to catch the right wave with the right timing! After three hours we finally have breakfast – should I take Nasi Goreng or Mi Goreng – both looks yummy!
At 14:00h we have our afternoon surf session. It’s a different beach, different waves. It’s already a bit easier to quickly stand up on the board and to surf! :)

Tuesday: My muscles ache, but I don’t have time to waste. We’re on the road for the “66 beach”. The sun burns down, and there’s a lot of golden sand. We wax the surfboards, put the leash on the foot, and start to paddle.
The day after we visit the Oakley World Pro Junior in Keramas. I start to observe how the pros surf – it looks amazing! Unfortunately I’m not able to learn how to surf that well in one week! But my observation spot is not too bad either: I’m hanging out in a pool with view onto the ocean, from where I watch the contest. Some hours and some cocktails later, after some interesting talks with other surf fans we continue our trip to “Purah Tanah Lot” temple which means “land amid the sea”.

The next day we visit more attractions and more Bali surf spots. Rice terraces, Kintamani overlooking the volcanic landscape of the 1717m high Gunung Batur, Pura Tirta Empu, the Ubud Monkey Forest and more beaches whose names I can’t remember… What an experience!

Finally, I would like to thank Oakley for the great trip! I had a great time, saw a lot and also caught some really good waves! Thank you again!