What a surprise when Dingo showed up at Oakley Headquarters today! This guys is everywhere, from filming for the Danny and Dingo show to hosting Oakley’s Polarized Fishing Tournament to taking over the 420 Grenade Games…the list goes on, and on, and on.

Most recently, Dingo just got back from his homeland of OZ, where he presented at the Australia MTV Awards. Tagging along with Dingo was his seven-month-old "puppy" Vern. Vern is making a huge comeback from his recent injury, when a car hit him about six weeks ago. Since then he has under gone intense surgery and is getting by on three legs for now. ??

But not to worry, after Vern’s rehabilitation program he will be back and charging it at major events like the MTV Awards early next month and Mt. Hood for the insane summer snowboard scene.