Pre-Olympic UK Tour!


Since Oakley is the Official Partner of the British Olympic Team and we also have a special edition Team GB-Collection, we toured the UK with our O-Lab just before the start of the Olympic Games.

In case you’ve never been inside the Rolling O-Lab, here’s what awaits you: The Rolling O-Lab a mobile science lab that houses Oakley’s futuristic testing machinery, such as lasers, metal spikes and mini-cannonballs that are all used to highlight the unbeatable protection and clarity of High Definition Optics®. Customers and consumers learn about the science behind Oakley’s groundbreaking technology which goes way beyond what anyone –before Oakley – had ever required of glasses: Laser demonstrations show how Oakley glasses – other than glasses of basically any other brand – are extremely clear and distortion-free. Metal spikes are dropped onto the glasses to showcase the protection and break-resistance of our lenses. All in all, it’s a unique testing facility that brings our Oakley brand story to life!

Our first stop was at the Bluewater Centre in East London, that’s with 154.000 m2 the sixth biggest shopping centre in Europe, accommodating 27 million visitors a year.
Excitement in anticipation of the Olympic Games was in the air, and thus the interest in our Oakley Team GB collection was huge.
The special edition Team GB models of our Radar and Flak Jacket shades feature the Oakley O Icon in the colours of the Union Jack on the temples and come with a limited edition Team GB soft case. Both models are stylishly designed in the union jack colours – red, white, blue – for their frames and polarized lenses. And here’s why they are even more special: The Team GB special edition is exclusively available in the UK, and only during this Olympic year. Many people were super keen to show their support for their Team GB, and just loved the idea of limited edition national flag glasses!

The next stop was Trafford Centre close to Manchester, the biggest shopping centre in the UK, that’s also described as “the people’s palace” due to its lavish real gold leaf-decoration, its artefacts and paintings. Impressive!

In all locations we welcomed key accounts and customers for trainings and to participate in the time trial challenge, an authentic, interactive and versatile sports concept that offers participants a live brand experience at speeds of up to 50mph (ca. 80 km/h)! Participants raced special edition Oakley-Condor bikes over a 500m sprint, with times recorded on a leader board. Individuals were able to set a new time records or friends can race against each other. They could even compete against times that were set by no other than Victoria Pendleton, Mark Cavendish and Bradley Wiggins (who would later win Olympic gold in the road bike time trials, and thus become – with his fourth Olympic gold – the first person to ever win the Tour de France and Olympic gold in the same year)!

After our final stop in the Canary Wharf in downtown London, just some minutes away from Oakley’s Olympic Safe House for our athletes, it was unfortunately time to go home. But we left with the feeling that we got people equipped and excited to support their Team GB!