Sneak Peek: GP-75


Twice a year, the Oakley Graphics Kitchen cooks up a feast for the eyes, and now they’re serving up a fresh concept called the Oakley GP-75 Collection. The inspiration comes from the early days of off-road culture when utility vehicles fueled the freedom to explore high ground. Our designers set out to take originality to new heights, and GP-75 delivers.

The color palette takes its cue from the hues of nature, especially mountainous regions where the spirit of discovery led trailblazers into unexplored terrain and undiscovered country. Shades of military olive come from the colors of repurposed army vehicles, and the idea of ice blue was crystallized by lofty peaks where sapphire skies fill the lungs with frosty air. Graphic elements mix halftone pixilation with hard pinlines to capture the mind’s impression of ascent through dense mountain forests.

Four popular eyewear designs were chosen for this special collection, and they’re coming soon.



August 03, 2012