NASCAR Weekend in Charlotte


Charlotte is a special place for NASCAR, so the Oakley Rolling O Lab was excited to be in town for back to back races. Kicking off the first weekend was the All-Star race, held on May 19, which is an exhilarating race unlike any other this year due to the staggering of the laps. Instead of a standard two hundred lap style race, they’re broken up into segments of twenty for a race filled with bursts of action. The atmosphere was electric as race fans from all over made the trip to the birthplace of NASCAR to cheer on their favorite All-Star drivers.

The second weekend took place during a beautiful Memorial Day Weekend. A weekend to celebrate our country’s history brought forth a few memories itself. Saturday the 26th was a day that left people enthralled. Kicking off the weekend was the History 300 Nationwide series with plenty of History Channel Stars representing their sponsored race. Rounding out Saturday’s action was this year’s first Rally Car series held inside the grounds of Charlotte Motor Speedway. The engines sang a different tune for race fans as many experienced a new style of racing as the sun set off to the west side of the speedway. Sunday proved to be a patriotic day all together as the Sprint Series roared to life sending feelings of nostalgia and pride through the crowd. All in all, one couldn’t ask for a better way to spend the Memorial Day Weekend.