Oakley Women Invade Headquarters


I had the pleasure of hanging out with three Oakley women’s athletes – Darcy Turenne, Kira Sheppard and Niki Gudex for a few days and it was quite the experience. Kira, Darcy and Niki are clearly proud to be part of the Oakley family. For me, I felt bad calling these days work because I had so much fun! Kira’s Oakley high fashion styles, Niki’s artistically thoughtful approach and Darcy’s witty one-liners kept me entertained the entire time!

The relationship these Oakley women have with each other, their team managers and other Oakley family members is spectacular. They are everything that the “”/women/uniquely">Oakley Women" should be. The way that they effortlessly spoke about the brand was inspiring, and it is obvious they are proud to be Oakley women!

“Being an Oakley women means I am part of an elite team of strong, confident, sexy, athletic, talented, independent women. It is truly an honor. It almost feels like I’ve got sisters amongst the Oakley family and we all see the good, the fun and the beauty in each other!” said Kira Sheppard.

The best part was watching how they were so supportive of each other and really made a great team. “The days with the other girls were really fun! It was a nice reminder of the time we had in Costa Rica together. I feel that we have a strong bond because of Oakley, but also because we are females competing in a sporting world.” said Niki Gudex.

The passion they have for the brand is contagious. Managing their schedules was not easy. These girls were in high demand with photo shoots, interviews, events, and signings. And not once did they show a sign of tiring out!

“As the women’s program manager I feel that these athletes embody the spirit of the Oakley woman and what better way to communicate that about the Oakley brand. They are authentic and true to who they are, which makes them the perfect ambassadors for the Oakley brand. They are inspiration to me as I drive the product line to make great products for women. I look forward to collaborations of a similar type on future products with athletes and artists that are cohesive with the brand,” said Jennifer Bradley, Women’s Brand Manager at Oakley.

The day I am writing about for this story is our first day, which was spent at Oakley headquarters, and it was anything short of boring. The girls dominated the manly building for an entire day. Making it clear Oakley is not just a boy’s world anymore. The day started bright and early when I woke the girls and took them to coffee at 7am where I went over their crazy schedules for the next few days. I could tell they were already excited! We arrived at the building where they quickly made themselves at home. They were put to work right away, by being the surprise guests at the Oakley Team Meeting the girls were introduced to the entire Oakley team; where the Uniquely campaign was shown to 400 members of the Oakley family. The girls were great; they answered questions by Oakley’s, Jamin Jannard, Brand Director of Square O. And shared their firsthand unique stories with the Oakley crew. The impression the girl left the Oakley family at headquarters was truly inspirational and heartfelt.

“The idea that the O headquarters is a man’s world was seriously crushed when we entered the building! Women ran the show that day and it seemed like everything being done was to support the women’s campaign. I am surprised that they didn’t paint the entrance pink that day. I think the boys really looked up to the girls for a day,” stated Darcy Turenne.