Mission Impossible: Specially Designed Oakley Eyewear Rocks the Silver Screen in “Ghost Protocol” Blockbuster


At Oakley, any mission is possible.

Just ask Tom Cruise.

With past, ultra specialized design work for Mission Impossible blockbuster films under its belt, The Big O dropped into the famous series’ latest blockbuster film, “Ghost Protocol.”

As the film’s crew began gearing up for production on the 2012 release, the need for a super customized goggle/glass for Cruise to rock in particular scenes, began to surface.

Not surprisingly, Oakley was the obvious first call.

With the most insanely varied range of technically superior and supremely stylin’ creations from O’s zany designers, combined with the brand’s long standing legacy of providing customized eyewear pieces for Hollywood productions, there was simply no better option for the MI crew.

A unique capability for any company of its kind, Oakley’s commitment to creating special designs for Hollywood projects is second-to-none. The MI production team was more than aware. And the call was made.

This time around, the first recommendation for Cruise’s chosen scene was Oakley’s Wind Jacket™ – with its goggle-like feel that would block wind without covering too much of the Superstar’s face. And although the piece was a near perfect fit, the crew’s vision was to attain a clear version.

Only one problem: A clear version didn’t exist.

Despite the obvious challenges associated with turning around a special design in a short amount of time amidst intense production demand at Oakley’s Interplanetary Headquarters in Foothill Ranch (Calif.), in true O fashion, a team lead by Oakley’s design gurus dug in to create an amazing piece that would dazzle both Cruise and the film’s Worldwide audience. And they produced, big time.

The Oakley crew painstakingly ensured that the eyewear was formed with Cruise’s very specific action sequence in mind. And considering the superior performance technology (both optical superiority and impact protection) that already lives in every Oakley piece to withstand extreme conditions for its prominent list of sports superstars and military personnel, there was simply no other option in authentically equipping him for the big, explosive scene.

Requiring nothing less than perfection for their A-List star, the studio’s costume and prop department received a delivery of the uniquely designed piece – in time for filming the big time feature film.

Fast forward a few months, and the film released with immense fanfare, topping the Box Office in late December – raking in a solid $26.5 million in ticket sales. And the masses across the Globe were able to witness Oakley’s movie magic first hand on the big screen. Jump through the month of January, and the film has grossed more than $200,000,000 with a captivated worldwide audience.

With the Oakley logo clearly visible on the piece during Cruise’s characteristically action-packed scenes, the prominence of the Oakley name in Hollywood was in full display yet again – continuing its tradition of prestige and aura of stylish innovation in Tinsel Town.


Andrew De Lara


February 10, 2012