• That Hat: Kip Moore’s Oakley Look Picks Up Steam at CMA Awards, New Music Video


    Posted 7 months ago by Andrew De Lara

    Some artists in showbiz are known for their scandalous style. But for Kip Moore, it’s all about the hat. Oakley’s ultra unique ‘Country music star and avid surfer’ combo personality has been making ladies swoon all across the United States on his rapid rise to fame this year – sticking his ‘I wear what I want and what I like’ attitude in the face of everyone from the traditional Nashville fan to his own record labels. In short, he rocks whatever he loves – and whatever reflects his personality. First known for his original red trucker cap, Kip’s look is now lined with plenty of ‘O.’

  • December 2013: A Month In Photography


    Posted 8 months ago by John Ohail

    It’s a new year. The slates have been wiped clean. Everyone has new goals, new ambitions as they look to pad their resumes with further accomplishments. But before we put 2013 completely in our rear-view, lets take one last look back at the best photos to come from the month of December, featuring Oakley’s biggest and brightest athletes proving why they are the best at what they do.

  • Monza Rally Show | Monza, Italy | 22. – 24. November 2013

    Monza Rally Show 2013

    Posted 8 months ago by Marion Schmitz

    You know the drill at Monza – world champion rally drivers, formula 1 racers, Moto GP stars and the likes changing their vehicles and battling it out in a nine stage race – but the despite the fun setup, the comp is deadly serious.

  • Oakley Surf Shop Challenge Europe | Anglet, France June 6-7 | San Sebastian, Spain June 9–10 | Bali, Indonesia June 18-29


    Posted 8 months ago by Marion Schmitz

    How do you stoke out surf shop teams to the max? Simple – organise a Surf Shop Challenge and have the winners fly to surf paradise – Bali, Indonesia!

  • A Silent Tribute: Relive Greg Minnaar’s World Championship Homage To Nelson Mandela


    Posted 8 months ago by John Ohail

    In the quiet tribal lands of Qunu, South Africa, 21 shots rang out yesterday honoring a fallen hero, a leader, an inspiration. Although his legend will live on forever and tears will be shed long after his funeral; family, friends, dignitaries and ordinary citizens alike, gathered yesterday and said their final goodbyes. After a lifetime of ups and downs, struggles and conquests, pain and happiness; former South African President, Nelson Mandela was laid to rest in the town where he grew up, after losing his battle with recent illness.