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October 2010

  • Surfside Sports Snow Carnival

    Handing out checks...or stickers

    Posted almost 4 years ago by Jay Twitty

    Surfside Sports stands as one of the last premier snow retailers in the southern califonia region that truly is committed to snowboarding. Each and every year Duke and his team kick off the snow season with an annual carnival. The SURFSIDE SPORTS SNOW CARNIVAL was bigger and better than ever this year. Oakley made it’s grand entrance by bringing out the ROLLING O LAB for it’s first ever stop there. The boys rolled up in the massive rig at 6 am in order to get it all set up.

  • Rolling O Lab Completes Texas Tour at LIVESTRONG Challenge


    Posted almost 4 years ago by Brian Carlin

    Austin Texas, home to seven-time Tour de France Champion and Oakley mega super star athlete Lance Armstrong, hosted the 14th annual LIVESTRONG Challenge to help win the fight against Cancer

  • Oakley Field Testing Accessories Trip in Bariloche, Argentina


    Posted almost 4 years ago by Jessie Anderson

    Strap your Skies or Snowboard to Your Back and Get Moving

  • Oakley To Debut 3D Eyewear With Special TRON: Legacy Film Edition


    Posted almost 4 years ago by Danny Evans

    Premiere Design Celebrates Release of Disney’s TRON: Legacy

  • Chilean Miner Rescue Operation


    Posted almost 4 years ago by Rick Zacharias

    The rescue team in Chile is relying on Oakley eyewear to protect the miners’ eyes when they are brought back to the surface. A few weeks ago, Oakley was contacted by Jonathan Franklin, a journalist who works for Addict Village, a boutique media agency in Santiago, Chile. Mr. Franklin was covering the rescue efforts and had recommended Oakley to the Chilean private health insurer, known as ACHS “Association Chilena de Seguridad,” for eyewear protection for the miners once they surfaced.

  • Rising Sun: Oakley Displays Its Rich, Rebellious History and Future in Tokyo


    Posted almost 4 years ago by Andrew De Lara

    35 years of Rebel spirit and pure ownage. Old timers and grom-aged kids in the United States may know a thing or two about Oakley’s rich history, but the stoke just got brought to the heart of Japan.